About ChromaCove, LLC

We manufacture our own fixtures at our facility in Cleveland, Ohio using the highest quality components and have tight control over the manufacturing process to offer consistent performance over many years. We work closely with our suppliers to navigate an ever-changing landscape in the global supply chain, and primarily work through planetarium systems providers to offer and install our lighting products into domes around the world.

Planetariums Needed a Better Option

When we got started, the options for planetarium lighting were limited. With the disappearance of incandescent bulbs, the shift to LED lighting brought several problems, and no solution was perfect. Fixtures were too dim, offered inconsistent coverage, had short lifespan, would flicker with power fluctuations or PWM artifacts, had steppy fades, and often a low end that would pop on or off. Control at the time was either tedious, required writing code, or very limited in function.

Planetariums needed something better than the architectural options available. ChromaCove provided a new direction with brilliant colors, smooth fades, flicker-free operation, and long life with great control...all for a reasonable price. We quickly became "THE name" for LED cove lighting in this challenging environment under the dome.