While most LED lighting is addressable in 1-ft increments, several of our fixtures go a step further by blending the colors across the length of each fixture to create a high-resolution gradient effect that apears much more natural than the single color per fixture option in normal mode.
Even better, it's free and enabled by default. There is no extra controls needed to make this work on our complete systems, and just a couple steps to make it work with other control systems not calling up cues in CCDesigner.

ChromaCove...Fixtures with Personality

Each fixture has settable personality configurations we call Performance Profiles. These settings allow the systems to be configured for a wide range of control scenarios and options.

Features like ChromaBlend, Low-end Curve Correction, Internal Adaptive Smoothing, Bit Depth (8 or 16 per color), or simply turning on when powered. These options and the fixture addressing can all be set using Remote Device Management with the RAD Box, a small hand-held device available as an option with the system. 

Our fixtures come standard with the performance profiles we use the most and are typically just set once before installation. We can also do this in the factory to save you a step. 

Not sure which setting to use? Don't worry, we'll help.

Powerfully Simple Control

Our intuitive control methods make it easy to create complex effects with a few clicks. No code, no math, no need to tell each fixture what color to be. Just point, click and let ChromaCove Designer fill in the blanks. Recalling those cues later is as simple as pressing a button.


Mounting Techniques

We offer a selection of standardized brackets for common installation applications using mushroom tape for modern new coves, or woodscrew attachment for classic wooden coves. Each option allows axial rotation allowing for focus flexibility and to achieve the best results for coverage and consistency.

No Cove? No Problem

We've overcome some challenging spaces by designing solutions for places where there is no cove. If you've got a challenge for your project, let's talk about some creative options.

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