ChromaCove Designer™

Unleash the power of ChromaCove LED Lighting on your dome.

No Code or Math

Just click and set colors around the representation of your cove. Helpful markers can remind you where exits or projection areas are.

Multi-Layered Effects

you can stack layers together and decide how to have them interact. Shown here, one layer is being used as a multipluer mask to the colorful layer below

Make Buttons

You can drag your cues onto the live surface to make buttons. You have control over the buton size, location, color, and more. Customize them to fit your needs.


Connect to your fulldome system and trigger cues or take control from within your shows.

Network Control

Our favorite way to connect is over the network. Send us simple UDP text commands like SETRGB or RUNCUE with the appropriate values and you can command the system with ease. This way you can use CCDesigner for what it was intended, creating complex cues, simply. This is often much better than trying to script massive amounts of lighting effects. Just trigger those fancy cues you made.

System Agnostic

We know you have a choice and favorites when it comes to planetarium systems and dome providers. Are we compatible? 

Yes. We have installed alongside many other systems, and all major planetarium vendors can integrate our lighting with their systems. So if you like what we have, ask around, then ask for ChromaCove.