ChromaCove LED Lighting Solutions

Our product is a solution, not simply a light. We will work with your team to select the best choices for fixture, control and mounting technique. When you buy from ChromaCove, you get our commitment to excellence at no additional charge. We offer three lines of lighting products: our Signature Series High-Power, with very high brightness, our new Signature Series Medium-Power fixtures, and NanoCove, a more compact and economical design. All are excellent and feature our unique driver design, with enhanced smoothing and rock-solid colors.


We feel that it is important for the end customer to maintain the highest level of control, so we have also developed our exclusive control software ChromaCove Designer, specifically developed for controlling our cove lighting products within a domed environment. We also offer several other control accessories and can interface with industry control systems to integrate our lighting with other automation and control systems.


ChromaCove HP-80 fixture. ChromaCove Signature Series High-Power LED LIghting
We've reworked this line, replacing the OSRAM LEDs with powerful CREE LEDs for better color uniformity and a wider angle of output. This fixture still boasts an impressive output, sourcing 1000+ lumens of light per foot. While all of our units emit brighter RGB output than typical LED cove lighting systems, this model has a brilliance that we are especially proud of. Installation instructions.


ChromaCove MP profile.ChromaCove Signature Series Medium-Power LED Lighting
Our newest fixture offers twice the brightness of NanoCove without doubling the cost. Available in RGB, RGBW or White, and adaptable to a wide range of control styles, this versatile fixture is quickly becoming the popular choice for domes of any size. We've enhanced ChromaBlend™ to allow for a higher resolution of color across each fixture. This fixture efficient fixture offers many of the benefits of NanoCove, but in a slightly larger package, allowing us to manufacture them quickly and make installation easier than ever.


NanoCove RGB fixtures being burnt in. NanoCove Ultra-Slim LED Lighting
A more compact design, with new features that raise the bar for dimmable, color-changing LED fixtures, and at a brightess level that surpasses competetive systems. NanoCove represents the best of both worlds: low cost of ownership and exceptional performance. Designed for areas with limited space, but requiring impressively smooth, bright performance.


Screenshot of ChromaCove Designer.

ChromaCove Designer
If excellence has a user interface, it is ChromaCove Designer. This powerful control software provides the user with an unprecedented level of control, with extremely easy to use tools for creating magnificent blends of colors, gradients, chases, and other effects. This software is an integral part of a complete planetarium lighting system. It gives the user full control over each fixture and acts as a bridge to your theater automation systems, turning the entire set of fixtures into one giant intelligent lighting system.



Pick your application:

A computer screen showing ChromaCove Designer in front of an illuminated dome. Planetarium/Domed venues
Domed environments such as planetariums have always made use of cove lighting to illuminate the screen and therefore, the room. These venues are becoming better equipped to handle more sophisticated audiences and are often multi-purpose facilities. As such, the dim lighting often present in planetarium coves are no longer able to get the job done. One of the desires is to get people "dark adapted" for the shows, but when someone walks in from the daylight into a room that is too dark, it is uncomfortable, and often unsafe. Our lighting can still become dim at the touch of a button, but we think it is better to give you the option of starting out brighter if you would like to, or be able to swirl colors around and still have the room be bright enough to find a seat comfortably.

Architectural lighting
Both linear and curved coves are found in more places than most people realize. The ability to light these spaces with subtle accents, or to create entire moods with light and color requires proper lighting and control. Our products are well suited for this task in most indoor architectural spaces. With the ability to control color mixing, the subtle blending of colors and smooth transitions can create a dynamic environment, rather than simply lighting the area. Holiday themes at the touch of a button can add to the visitor's visual experience for parties or public venues. And if you are looking for a specific color, it is easy to achieve with precision color control. Compatible with many third-party controls, you can create looks across the entire venue that set the mood for your event or facility.