Introducing our Newest Fixture

Many of our customers have enjoyed the benefits of the enhanced brightness of our products. Continuing that trend, we've taken the brilliance and adaptability of NanoCove and doubled the number of LEDs to be brighter and even more impressive. The ChromaCove Signature Series Medium-Power LED fixtures offer increased brightness and is our first fixture also available in RGBW with RGB and White LEDs in one fixture. These fixtures are available in RGB, RGBW and White, each using the same great on-board driver design that make  ChromaCove lighting the premiere lighting choice.


NanoCove is a Fixture with Personality!

ChromaCove lights run using ChromaCove Designer and a DMX controller NanoCove now has adjustable settings to control more onboard features.
We've been proud of the smoothness of our NanoCove product ever since the first prototypes were tested. Now, after selling many units for use in various control environments, we have adapted our firmware to give the user even greater control flexibility.


Gone are the days of the bit-depth being the only setting to determine the fade rate. Now, with basic 8-bit faders, one can have manual control with automatic fading to create a more smooth fade and great low-end curve correction. Or, for computer-controlled systems with faster fade control, one can still create a desired strobe effect, without undesirable strobing artifacts commonly associated with digital PWM or low bit-depth fading.The best part is that this can be set in the field, so whether it is in a dome or a ballroom, NanoCove is a powerful solution that can adapt to the demands of the venue.


Common Ways to Control ChromaCove Lighting Products

ChromaCove lights run using ChromaCove Designer and a DMX controller ChromaCove can be controlled in a variety of ways!
Our lighting products are controllable through a variety of means to fit the needs of the planetarium and architectural environments. Whether it is from basic manual control or our advanced, yet simple, user interface, ChromaCove puts you in control with our flexible configurations. Find out more about this and view some common control scenarios.


NanoCove Line of Products Expand!

NanoCove is small at only 0.5" x 0.28" NanoCove is small fixture with a big output!
Since launching NanoCove RGB, we've been producing fixtures at a growing pace as we keep up with the orders and prepare to hold stock on this in-demand lighting solution. The driver technology in NanoCove is so great that it has been adapted to our signature series fixtures, and the results are fantastic.


At just a half-inch wide and just over a quarter-inch tall, you wouldn't think NanoCove would be very bright, but don't let this small fixture fool you! NanoCove is significantly brighter than some fixtures that are much larger in physical size. Like the difference between a sports car and a van, bigger doesn't always mean higher performance! Our efficient design simply means that it will fit in a smaller space, which is itself an impressive accomplishment indeed!


NanoCove is also the first fixture to incorporate our ChromaBlend technology, automatically blending colors from one fixture to the next within each unit to create a high-resolution cove lighting effect with no additional expense or extra control hardware required. The result is a smooth gradient that looks more natural than simple single-foot control.


ChromaCove Signature Series

ChromaCove RGB HP-80 fixtures illuminating a dome. Bright, vibrant colors
It seems like it was just last week when we announced our high-power fixtures, but we have come a long way from our first tests in a big dome. Now becoming our "Signature Series" fixture, the HP-80s are driven off of the advances we've made with the NanoCove product line, and continue to grow. With more options on the horizon as we push deeper into the architectural market, we are excited to keep building and installing this workhorse of a fixture.


You may not always need that much light, but we have exquisite fading, so you can keep it dim until you need the punch. It was a pleasure to hear the audience gasp at the output of this flagship product installed at the Buhl Planetarium this past fall for the GLPA conference.


Powerfully Simple Interface

Watch this video, or for better quality, right click here to save.


Better Lighting, Better Control

ChromaCove Designer's color interface. Smooth Fades.
The search for smooth fades is over! Previously the only way to get smooth fading was to increase the control bit-depth. That's no longer the case. ChromaCove incorporates a proprietary modulation technique that internally smooths the dimming of the fixture, while still offerring the user 16 bits of control to set the desired color. Furthermore, we modulate at a very high rate to overcome the color strobing commonly associated with LED-based cove lighting. The result is the smoothest fades and best control possible.



ChromaCove lights run using ChromaCove Designer and a DMX controller Modern User Interface.
ChromaCove Designer gives the user unprecedented control over more than just the cove lighting. Control aspects of the interface to create the buttons with the desired color, size and position as well as all of the features for the actual lighting effect. This total control system empowers the user with the controls necessary for customizing both the output and the interface itself. Creating dynamic effects is easy and intuitive, a must-have for use in the demanding environment of the planetarium, and included with most systems.


Powerful yet intuitive!

If you can look at this image and make some guesses as to how easy it is to create gradients, then you are well on your way to understanding how to make amazing effects with ChromaCove Designer.


Screenshot of ChromaCove Designer's color wheel.