Illuminating Planetarium Domes

Spitz A3P Planetariums have always been places of wonder, inspiring both imagination and the furthering of our understanding of the Universe. Whether professionally manufactured or home-grown, the technologies used in and around the dome have always played a major part in enhancing the unique experience that only a planetarium can provide. For decades, colorful lighting has been an important tool of the dome, providing illumination for audience entry and egress, as well as accompaniment to astronomical effects, such as sunrise, sunset, meteor impact, the flicker of city lights or lava flows from an early Earth.


Colored incandescent bulbs. In the past, this was accomplished with incandescent bulbs, or even "dimmable" fluorescent fixtures. Now, with the latest advances in LED light sources, planetariums can make use of very controllable, colorful, bright and energy efficient LED lighting. Gone are the days of the circus bulbs. The LED is here to stay. LEDs are more efficient and offer a pure light that doesn't bleach and fade like incandescent bulbs. Combining Red, Green and Blue light offers a wide range of colors to set the mood or tell a visual story. Our systems aren't limited to simple utilitarian purposes, but can also act as a teaching tool, whether as a visual effect, or to demonstrate color mixing and the visual spectrum.


Screen shot of ChromaCove Designer with programmed cues.Our ChromaCove Designer software was specifically written to give you complete control over the entire dome or a single fixture, with a powerful, yet easy to use graphical interface. No more writing complex lines of code or having only basic control over the dome lighting. The modern user interface is easy to understand and intuitive to the user. Create custom gradients with a few clicks, control the entire dome in real-time or create colorful buttons that your staff can use later. ChromaCove Designer gives you the freedom to create and modify a nearly endless array of effects, from simple colors to multi-layered and moving gradients.


Spitz A3P console with ChromaCove Designer

ChromaCove LED lighting isn't just a product, but rather a solution for your most simple or challenging needs. We offer a range of solutions specifically engineered to light domes of any size, tilt, or cove placement. Our professional lighting fixtures are designed for forward compatibility to allow access to continued advancements in the LED industry. Not all LED lighting systems are the same. There have been many advances, and ChromaCove has kept up with the pace of changing technology. We continue to develop and enrich our product offering, and constantly work to stay on the forefront of innovation.


NanoCove fixtures.What sets us apart from other companies in the planetarium market? ChromaCove, LLC is a lighting company. Our focus is on designing and manufacturing the very best LED lighting solutions for the architectural and entertainment markets. We may not offer other planetarium systems, such as fulldome video or star projectors, but we do offer one of the brightest, most controllable, and easiest to use cove lighting systems available. We are happy to work with other talented professional planetarium companies to provide a complete solution for your dome.



Computers displaying ChromaCove Designer.Our systems are able to be integrated with theater automation systems, and we can communicate through a multitude of control protocols. While our lighting can take DMX control directly, most often, we provide a ChromaCove Designer control package that also allows communication via TCP/IP for integration with other systems. We are dedicated to serving the lighting needs of planetarium community, and we are no strangers to the dome. If you like what we have to offer, let us know, ask questions, and be sure to specify our products for your next project.



A planetarium blueprint and a caliper tool.Our Commitment to Excellence

We are fully invested in the success of every product we create. If it is not working as promised, we will make it right. Our ChromaCove lighting systems come with a 3-year replacement warranty. If a segment fails within that time, we will exchange or repair the unit. Swapping a fixtures is easy to do and will minimize downtime.