Common Ways to Control ChromaCove Products:


Directly via DMX:

All of our fixtures are controlled via DMX-512A, the industry standard for controlling addressable lighting is through the DMX-512 protocol. This is a proven standard that allows for various control scenarios based on the addressing of each fixture in the system. Our fixtures can each be addressed to allow for basic or advanced configurations. The advantage to using the DMX-512 standard is that there are already a variety of existing control technologies that our products are immediately compatible with, making them easy to use in architectural applications.


Many of our fixtures also feature control personalities that allow for selectable bit depth, fade rates, low-end curve correction, and other controllable features that offer increased flexibility in performance with minimal control resources. This allows our lighting to operate in the widest possible range of control scenarios.

For Planetariums:

Excellent lighting deserves excellent control. We have written a utility specifically for controlling our lighting in planetarium and domed theater environments. ChromaCove Designer is employed as the brains of the system, controlling our lighting while listening to inputs from the user or from a variety of automation control systems to provide synchronized lighting effects that augment the fulldome shows and planetarium instruments.


From ChromaCove Designer, we can even control other rudimentary DMX-dimmable devices like spotlights or step lights that already exist in the theater. This ultimately offers the greatest flexibility of manual and automated control, with a very powerful interface with controls that are designed to feel intuitive to the user and are written specifically for the planetarium environment. The good news is that this comes standard with our systems for planetariums, so there isn't a large additional cost associated with adding this level of control to your theater.


Control Wiring Example:

A wiring diagram is available that shows the typical wiring of control for ChromaCove system in a planetarium. We will gladly provide a diagram that reflects your specific control needs and connectivity with the systems in your facility.