How to Purchase:

Buy direct:

We are happy to sell our products into your next inspiring project. Contact us and just let us know some basic information about your needs, such as dome size or linear feet, and we will be happy to provide you with a rough estimate. We will also work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Feel free to include us in discussions of your initial investigations into a complete, unified lighting control system.


Buy through a distributor:
Our distributors may be able to offer additional support and integration with other devices as part of a unified system providing complete control across the entire project. We encourage this relationship, where you get the same commitment of excellence from us and an additional first line of support from the system vendor. If you are already working with a specific systems vendor, ask for us by name. Vendors wishing to become distributors should contact us.


This list does not describe which vendor's systems we are compatible with. We are controllable in conjunction with systems by all major planetarium vendors, and we have adapted our systems to very unique situations as well.


Some of our distributors for planetarium:

Spitz, Inc. - A leading provider of planetarium domes and projection systems, Spitz offers architectural services for custom structures and specialized environments. Spitz is our exclusive distributor for NanoCove RGB in North America.


Ash Enterprises - Offering a wide range of services to classic and modern planetariums, Ash Enterprises represents GOTO and RSA Cosmos planetarium systems. Located in the USA


Holovis - A world leader in sensory experience design in the Entertainment, Industrial, Retail, Military and Retail Brand sectors. Located in the United Kingdom.


Seiler Instrument - A precision optical instrumentation company celebrating 70 years in 2015. Seiler Instrument is the exclusive partner of ZEISS for planetarium sales and service in the USA and Canada.


ZEISS - The company that invented the planetarium. With nearly 170 years as a fine optics company, ZEISS offers the finest planetarium equipment around the globe. Located in Jena, Germany