Lighting the World Around You

Both linear and curved coves are found in more places than most people realize. The ability to light these spaces with subtle accents or to create entire moods with light and color requires proper lighting and control. Our products are well suited for this task in most indoor architectural spaces. With the ability to control color mixing, the subtle blending of colors and smooth transitions can create a dynamic environment, rather than simply lighting the area. Holiday themes at the touch of a button can add to the visitor's visual experience for parties or public venues. And if you are looking for a specific color, it is easy to achieve with precision color control. Compatible with many third-party controls, you can create looks across the entire venue that set the mood for your event or facility.


Our NanoCove line fits into small areas for greater concealment. We are extremely excited about the interest in this market, and we are currently developing new variations of our NanoCove product line that allow for easier production of the high-volume needs of the architectural lighting market. Whether you are looking for bright and exciting, tiny yet controllable or just a simple solution that does the job, we can make it happen.


LED lighting is becoming more widely used, and more products are flooding the market each day. Our products are designed with the power-user in mind, requiring dynamic fading. If you have a project that required colorful, expressive lighting, contact us to see how we can help you put together the right solution for your next project.