About Us:

ChromaCove, LLC is located in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States of America. Growing out of a need for high-quality LED lighting in the planetarium and domed theater industry, our focus is on providing the very best LED-based cove lighting systems. So far, the results have been absolutely amazing. We are appreciative of the attention and interest we've received from our vendor partners and clients. We have adapted to the needs of our customers, and we continue to innovate with even more ideas and new products on the horizon.


Over the years, our team has created numerous lighting and control systems, primarily as custom solutions for the entertainment industry. These products have been installed at high profile locations around the world, and are in use on Broadway, in theme parks, travelling performances and planetariums. Our experience with LED-based projects brought us to a point where we realized that we can leverage our design assets to create incredible new products that challenge the status quo in the LED lighting market. In 2011, ChromaCove, LLC was formed, and we've been busy and growing ever since.


Automated circuit board assembly machineOur products are our own
We design and build our own lighting fixtures in our manufacturing facility. We do all assembly of our products in-house, right down to the circuit boards. Our advanced automated assembly processes allow us to assemble our LED modules and drivers with precision and speed using on-board cameras to confirm proper component alignment and placement. Our recent expansion and new equipment allows us to build more fixtures faster and with greater yield than ever before.


Our unique LED driver technology overcomes the many challenges of creating great LED products, removing flicker, while offering incredible amounts of control and user-selectable features. An excellent low-end fade isn't something you are likely to get from a standard architectural lighting fixture, but it is crucial for planetarium applications and standard with our products.


We have great relationships with many vendors and a global supply chain, and we strive to use the very best components in our products. You will not find cheap Chinese LEDs in our lighting products, but instead, bin-matched, high quality LEDs from reputable manufacturers such as CREE. Our manufacturing processes allow us to create our products while maintaining control over the quality with the same level of excellence for large and small orders.


Patent Licensing

We operate under a direct license agreement with Philips for the use of certain patented technologies commonly associated with LED lighting and previously associated with Color Kinetics, and acquired by Philips. By licensing the Philips patent portfolio, we protect not only ourselves, but our end customer from concerns over patent infringement. You can find ChromaCove on the list of licensees.


RoHS Compliance

All of our lighting products are created using RoHS compliant components and a lead-free process. Our fixtures are designed to produce minimal production waste, and we recycle regularly. We've only located one habitable planet so far, and it's a nice one. We hope to keep it that way.


Our Commitment to Excellence

As a manufacturer of products, we are fully invested in the success of every product we create. If it is not working as promised, we will make it right.