ChromaCove Signature Series Medium-Power LED Lighting

120° x 120° beam angle
Linear, color-changing LED lighting fixture for architainment applications

The new Signature Series ChromaCove Medium Power linear LED lighting fixtures is offered in a modular design that is configured for RGB, RGBW or White. Each foot-long fixture employs our unique ChromaSmoothTM driver which allows for smooth fading and flicer-free operation with 36 selectable Personality Profiles.

High-Resolution Lighting

Rather than illuminating as a single color, each fixture optionally blends to the color of its neighbor to create a smooth color gradient with an effective resolution of 1.25" in the RGB version and 2.5" in the RGBW. This high-resolution blend effect is accomplished automatically, without increasing control system complexity or cost.


ChromaBlend automatically blends the colors to the next fixture.


DMX Controllable

ChromaCove lighting is controlled via DMX512-A using either 8 or 16 bit control over each color, mixing red, green, blue and/or white light to provide a possible array of up to 18.4 quintillion color combinations. With fading enhanced by the internal smoothing algorithms, the control bit depth determines the range of colors, not the smoothness of the fade. Each unit employs RDM support for easy addressing and configuration in the field.


Personality Profiles

Each fixture can be configured for a wide range of control scenarios by combining built-in features. With 36 uinique profiles to choose from, features such as Low-End Curve Correction, ChromaBlend, Bit Depth and Internal Fade Slewing make the ChromaCove Medium Power fixtures a powerfully adaptable lighting device.


High Dynamic Range

Excellent low-end dimming and brightness control is achieved with ChromaCove's unique driver designed specifically to meet the challenges of the planetarium and immersive theater market. Perfect for use in low-light conditions, ChromaCove LED lighting does not "pop" on, flicker or stutter as it fades. Additionally, PWM strobing is eliminated with our enhanced-spectrum modulation, providing a visually steady illumination. This is important for use in areas where viewers are visually following a moving point of interest, or are themselves moving, such as riding an amusement ride or even simply walking into a room.


Adaptive Mounting

Mounting is easy with a multitude of specialty brackets designed to mount each fixture in a variety of situations. Many styles also allow axial rotation for on-site angle adjustment.


Made in the USA

All of our LED fixtures are designed and manufactured in the USA using high-quality CREE LEDs, RoHS compliant components and a lead-free process. The manufacturing process is streamlines to produce minimal waste, most of which is recyclable.


ChromaCoveTM Signature Series Medium-Power LED Lighting Specifications*
Item Specification CCRGB-MP-RGB CC-MP-RGBW CC-MP-W
Output Lumens1 ~280 lm ~540 lm ~800 lm
Primary Cone 120° x 120°
Color Mix Distance ~0" (internal to fixture)
Color Range 281.5 trillion colors 18.4 quintillion 65.5k (grayscale)
Electrical Fixture Voltage 24 VDC
Fixture Current @ white 0.3 Amps 0.45 Amps 0.6 Amps
Chained Units 7 5 4
Physical Dimensions2 (L x W x H) 12.125" x 2" x 1.15" (305 x 51 x 29 mm)
Weight2 ~1lb (454 g)
Housing Material Anodized Aluminum Extrusion
Lens Clear Cast Acrylic
Mounting Various specialty brackets available
Control Signal Protocol DMX512-A, E1.20 RDM enabled
Bit Depth 8 or 16 bits per color (24 or 48 bits per fixture)
Addressing Set via RDM
Chained Control up to 170 units per DMX512 Universe
Modulation Type Enhanced-Spectrum Modulation, ChromaBlendTM and 36 Performance Profiles
Patents Licensing This fixture utilizes technology licensed from the Philips patent portfolio.
Origin This product is designed and manufactured in the United States of America
*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Model revisions and the latest innovations may not be listed here.
1 Total lumesn of light availabel from the unbalanced output of the LEDs within the light engine.
2 Dimensions and weight do not include mounting brackets or other hardware.