ChromaCove Signature Series High-Power LED Lighting

140° x 140° beam angle, available as RGB or White
Linear, color-changing LED lighting fixture for architainment applications

The brightest of our LED lighting, this fixture boasts an impressive wide-angle output with a high dynamic range driver, making it the fixture of choice for large domes and architainment situations requiring superior brightness.

Bright and Colorful

The ChromaCove Signature Series High-Power fixture was developed to be a very bright and colorful fixture. A powerful array of 15 CREE LEDs offer 10-20 times that of lesser RGB fixtures with only 50-100 lumens. At ~1100 lumens of combined red, green and blue light or ~2100 lumens of white, these fixtures really are something to behold.



Controlled via standard DMX512-A using 16 bits of precision per color in each fixture, mixing red, green and blue to a provide a possible arry of up to 281.5 trillion color combinations. (8-bit/ch also available)


High Dynamic Range

Excellent low-end dimming and brightness control is achieved with a unique driver design. Using enhanced-spectrum modulation provides a visually-steady illumination without flicker or PWM strobing common to many LED products. This allows us to achieve a solid color and is important for use in areas where viewers are moving or visually following a moving point of interest.


Adaptive Mounting

Mounting is easy with a multitude of specialty brackets designed to mount each fixture in a variety of situations. Many styles offer axial rotation for on-site angle adjustment.


Efficient Design

The 2-inch wide aluminum housing acts as both a rigid form for mounting and as a heatsink to dissipate the small amount of heat generated by the powerful ChromaCove light engine. Each 24-volt fixture consumes less than 20 watts of power at maximum illumination.


Made in the USA

All of our LED fixtures are designed and manufactured in the USA using RoHS compliant components and a lead-free process. The manufacturing process is streamlined to produce minimal waste, most of which is recyclable.


ChromaCoveTM Signature Series High-Power LED Lighting Specifications*
Item Specification CC-HP140-RGB CC-HP140-W
Output Lumens1 ~1,100 lm ~2,100 lm
Primary Cone 140° x 140°
Color Mix Distance3 ~3" (~102 mm)
Color Range 281.5 trillion colors Warm or Cool White
Electrical Fixture Voltage 24 VDC
Fixture Current 0.8 Amps @ balanced white
Chained Units 5 units per power supply feed
Physical Dimensions2 (L x W x H) 12" x 2" x 1.1" (305 x 51 x 28 mm)
Weight2 1.25 lb (0.57 kg)
Housing Material Aluminum Extrusion
Lens3 Diffused Acrylic
Mounting Various and custom bracket heights available
Control Signal Protocol DMX512-A
Bit Depth 16 bits per color (48 bits per fixture)
Modulation Type Proprietary modulation with internal smoothing
Chained Control 84 units per DMX512 Universe
Patents Licensing This fixture utilizes technology licensed from the Philips patent portfolio.
Origin This product is designed and manufactured in the United States of America
*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Model revisions and the latest innovations may not be listed here.
1 Total maximum lumens of light available from the unbalanced output of the LEDs within the light engine.
2Dimensions and weight do not include moutning brackets or other hardware.
3The use of a frosted lens reduces color blend distance for smoother inter- and intra-fixture blending, increases output angle and may reduce the total light output per fixture.