ChromaCove Designer

Selecting the right control system for your new lighting system is as important as choosing the right lighting.

We make this easy by giving you the best possible control right from the start.

Each LED cove lighting package includes ChromaCove Designer, the premiere control software specifically written for use in the planetarium. From within ChromaCove Designer, you can easily control the color of the entire dome or just one fixture as simply or as creatively as you choose, all with user-friendly and intuitive on-screen controls. ChromaCove’s lighting system can also be triggered and controlled externally through common control protocols (like TCP/IP) for control and proper show synchronization from fulldome or theater automation systems.


Live Surface

On the Live Surface, you can click the graphical buttons to control the lighting with adjustable fade times for simple colors or multi-layer hues. You can set the color, size and position of each button for maximum performance flexibility, and simply bring up the lights with the on-screen sliders and buttons.


Cue Editor

With control over rotation, layer blending, brightness and much more, the Cue Editor allows creation of more advanced lighting effects. Simple controls like drop-down menus and text boxes let you create many engaging and complex effects in a simple way.


Multi-layer effects

Many layers can be stacked to create more complex looks. Shown right, one layer is creating a mask and is multiplied against the second layer to create the desired effect.


Layer Editor

In the Layer Editor, colors are quickly and easily set around the entire dome, and are controlled as you would expect gradients to be blended and adjusted in a modern photo editing software. You can even adjust the mid-point blend for optimum color distribution.


Changeable Interface

ChromaCove Designer's interface can be changed for low or bright light situations, allowing the audience to remain undistracted while in the venue.

Be sure to watch our tutorial video. For better quality, right click to save the video.